Digging the first sod



As soon as the JCB was up an running again we couldn't wait to try it out. We roughly marked the site out (with a wooden peg in each corner) and took to the controls for the first time.



Into the trailer


With great ceremony (and lots of jerking) we scooped a large bucket of soil and turf out of the ground and dropped it into our trailer. This was to be the first of hundreds of similar scoops which got less jerky and less exciting as time went on.



Clearing the site


Our site is sloping so the idea was to level it out before we marked out the trench positions. This is easier said than done for the novice JCB operator! We were very good at removing the soil but not so good at levelling the ground.

Fortunately there's been plenty of opportunity to hone our skills and we've ended up with a site, which though you can't play cricket on it, no longer resembles the surface of the moon!

Level site